Celebrating in the Year 2020 has a whole new meaning. What was once a normal idea around hosting a birthday party has been completely redefined by the impact caused by the Coronavirus and #socialdistancing. With parties cancelled and our government enforcing #stayhome restrictions we need to get creative to ensure we can still enjoy all of life’s special celebrations.

If you’re stuck on ideas of how to celebrate while in lockdown, we’ve put together a list of ways to party at home! Making memories shared together that in years to come we will all looked back upon as great moments.


1.Drive By Birthday Brigade

Want your little one to feel that extra special? Why not organise a birthday brigade. Unsure of what that is exactly? It’s basically a parade of cars driving behind one another decorated in balloons, streamers and posters celebrating your little one. Your family and friends along with their children drive by in the car beeping, singing and dancing in celebration of your child’s birthday.

Make it a surprise and set a specific time with your family and friends to ensure it really is a BRIGADE!

Best birthday parade ever! Thank you friends – it was amazing!!! When your party is cancelled and no one can visit – you have a parade! A memory she will cherish! We took those lemons and made lemonade.

Posted by Amanda Hunt Franklin on Saturday, 21 March 2020

2. 15min ISO Character Visit

A social distanced character deliver of cookies for the birthday boy or girl.

Pick from Spiderman, Optimus prime or Deadpool. Else & Anna the choices are endless.

XLENT EVENTS is providing themed characters as part of a delivery service to your door.

  • Entrance music of themed character
  • Small box of lollies and you receive a small gift
  • Character can provide a motivational message/requested message
  • Watch your character make an exit, with music.
  • Duration of 15 minutes
  • Contactless delivery
  •  Photos


3. LIVE Zoom Call with children’s entertainer.

(Elsa, Spiderman , PJ Mask character etc)

Want to surprise your child with an exciting visitor at home? That entertainer you booked for the party you can no longer have? Never fear why not organise a ZOOM call and personalise it for your child. Choose your child’s favourite character and enjoy a video call where they can ask questions, interact, dance, play games and more!

A guaranteed way to have your son/daughter smiling from ear to ear. Why not make it all the more special and invite their friends in on the video call as well.

  • Xlent Events are offering live video phone calls where your child can converse, ask questions and interact with their favourite character. or any requests you have. Ensure to inform us if you have special requests.
    This also includes if you want a video message keepsake for your child.
  • Pistachio Entertainment are offering a Personalised Video Messages as well as online virtual birthday parties. Choose a Live Character and surprise your child with friends and family to party. with games, singing, and dancing.
  • Fizzics Education – Discover how much fun your child’s birthday party can be when Fizzics education brings whiz-bang science straight into your home!
  • Superheroes Inc have launched Virtual Zoom parties. They have 180 characters to choose from ensuring no child will be disappointed. You can pick from their range of virtual party options including a Magic Show and dance offs.They also offer a FREE Video Message with a character.


Photo Credit: Pistachio Entertainment

4. Birthday Treasure Hunt

Looking for a fun and inexpensive game for the birthday boy/girl? Try making a treasure hunt! Which child doesn’t like running around in search of prizes. Hide lollie bags, chocolates, and little gifts around the house with clues for them to find. Get creative and make it super fun.

5. Zoom Disco/ Dance Party

Grab the bluetooth speaker, search Taylor Swift and “Shake it off!” Dancing releases endorphins and what better way to make your child happy then having an in home disco dance party. Invite their friends via Zoom or Facetime, decorate the lounge room with balloons and turn off the lights. Bonus points if you have a disco ball!

6. Bake and decorate birthday cake

Why not let them bake their very own birthday cake? Nothing like getting creative and decorating the cake with all their favorite treats. Sprinkles, marshmallows, chocolate sticks. THE WORKS! Let them go DIY crazy. Don’t worry about the perfect INSTAGRAM picture cake, but about the smile, the moments and the memories your little one will enjoy in this experience.

7. DIY Home Photoshoot

With #socialdistancing in play it means that cake smash photoshoot has been cancelled. This day and age our mobile phones have some insane picture quality and megapixel range so why not DIY your very own at home photoshoot celebration.

This creative quarantine party for a special birthday boy who will forever be reminded about his first birthday celebrated during the Coronavirus pandemic.

8. Top-your-own pizza party with homemade pizza dough.

Making your own pizza for kids is a hit. Let the kids get involved in the pizza making process from mixing the dough, watching it rise and rolling it out. Try not to let your inner OCD out and let them have fun. It can get a bit messy and if you’re up for it there may be some flour thrown around!

Looking for a quick and easy recipe – Homemade Pizza Dough

9. Pinata Smash at home

So you ordered a Pinata but the party is cancelled, make the most of it and have your very own Pinata smash at home. All the more goodies for the birthday boy/girl because which kid likes to share?

Pick a party Pinata here.

10. Popcorn & Movie Marathon

Pick your child’s favorite movie and sit down as a family and enjoy. Whether it be Harry Potter & The Goblet of Fire or Paw Patrol on repeat five times over, take the time to enjoy the happiness with your child.

11. A kids-make-the-rules day.

It’s exactly what the title entales, it’s a YES day for the kids. Think BRUCE almighty but you have to do anything and everything the birthday child wants.

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